About me


I’ve loved words, books, and languages for as long as I can remember. As the natural intersection of all three, translation has been particularly fascinating to me since I learned about it for the first time as a tiny human.

As an older human, I earned a degree in literature from the University of Chile so I could spend a lot of time among words and books, and moved to Canada a few years later to live in English.

I’ve been part of the Support team at Hootsuite in Vancouver for over 3 years, and enjoy helping people access technology and make the most of our product.

A few months ago, I completed a certificate in translation from the University of Toronto, the last piece of the puzzle! Now I’m ready to combine my experience in tech, support, and translation to help make great apps and services available to Spanish speakers.

These are a few ways I can help you reach new users, and I’m happy to chat so we can come up with more!